Bloom Ranch


Products: Walnuts, almonds We are the 7th generation of Bloom family of farmers in the Capay Valley. We manage all aspects of our own orchards. We plant, irrigate, prune, mow, fertilize, harvest, hull and shell nuts with our customers’ families in mind. Locally, products available at Cache Creek Casino Mini Mart, the Guinda Corner […}

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Blue Heron Farm

Phone: 530-796-3799

Products: Certified organic Navel oranges, walnuts, vegetables, gourds

Blue Heron Farm has been growing organic oranges, walnuts, tomatoes, squash and hard shelled gourds since 1983. Gretchen’s prize-winning Dream Gourds are crazy beautiful and she’s proud and happy to show and sell. Just call ahead to make sure she’s home. Raw gourds also available, […}

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Capay Canyon Ranch


Phone: 530-662-2372

Products: Almonds, Walnuts, Organic Flame Seedless Table Grapes and Raisins

Capay Canyon Ranch is a family owned and operated grower, huller/sheller and processor of almonds, walnuts and table grapes located on 210 acres. We have been growing almonds and walnuts since 1972 and organic table grapes since 1985. No on-farm sales or […}

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Capay Hills Orchard

Phone: (530) 507-8222

Products: Organic Raw Almonds, Organic Raw Almond Butter, Organic Smoked Almonds

Brian and Gretchen Paddock started a small organic almond orchard in 2010. Our farm is unique; we manually harvest the almonds onto tarps. This virtually eliminates any chance of salmonella and therefore we offer a safe, legal unpasteurized product.

M, […}

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Casa Rosa Farms

Products: Organic extra virgin olive oil, grass fed beef, lamb & poultry, eggs, fruits, nuts, jams, vinegars, honey, wool products, yarn

We are a 60 acre certified organic diversified family farm. Open 11 a.m – 3 p.m. for the Capay Valley Almond Festival in February, from 12 to 5 p.m. on Saturday and […}

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Freeheart Farm and Event Center

Phone: (530)-787-4444,

Products: Almonds, Life-celebrating events

Freeheart Farm is an active family farm producing conventionally-grown almonds. We have a permitted event center with a small lake and vineyard, lavish bathroom facilities, a large cement pad, an abundance of green grass, fountains, fire pit, beautiful rose garden and flowers. Event center shown by appointment […}

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Full Belly Farm


16090 County Road 43, Guinda, CA 95637


Products: We raise a diverse range of certified organic fruits, vegetables, fresh cut flowers, grains, sheep, laying hens, pigs, goats and cows on 450 acres.

We offer comprehensive farm tours and child focused experiences, monthly Farm Dinners (April to September), and free public open farm days. […}

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Phone: 530-796-4676

Products: Organic Olive oil, fruit, walnuts, vegetables

We have a small orchard with which we handcraft a Tuscan blend of extra virgin olive oil. We ship Olive Oil and Walnuts, and sell at a few local festivals. We also raise 30 varieties of fruits and have vegetables year-round from our […}

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Gold Oak Ranch

Phone: 650-906-6896

Products: Certified organic Mandarin oranges, olive oil, walnuts, almonds

Gold Oak Ranch is a family-run farm. Owners David and Ann Scheuring have been farming for more than 40 years and are committed to sustainable agriculture techniques. Daughter Rachel oversees olive oil production


Good Humus Produce

Phone: 530-787-3187

Products: Certified organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, dried fruit, jams & teas.

Annual public events include a Plant Sale in April, a Peach Party in August, and a Pumpkin Picnic in October. Check website for details and dates. Tours available by appointment, with a minimum of $100 per tour.

Good Humus […}

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Historic Oakdale Ranch

Phone: (530) 787-4744

Products: Walnuts, almonds, Event venue for rent

This Historic Oakdale Ranch venue is part of the Stephens Oakdale Ranch, which was established in 1850. The original homestead, built in 1852, is still used by the Stephens family today. The event venue is an all outdoor area surrounded by production walnut and […}

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Riverdog Farm

Phone: 530-796-4100

Products: diversified organic produce, pastured pigs, eggs, meat birds, nuts and fruit.

Pumpkin Harvest party each October. Check website for events.

Riverdog Farm started in 1990 as a 2 acre market garden, and is now a 500 acre certified organic farm growing a wide array of vegetables, fruits, nuts, pastured hens and […}

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Road 79 Farms

Phone: 530-796-3005 or 530-796-0574

Products: Almonds, pomegranates, olives for oil

Two sisters and two brothers-in-law with Midwestern farm roots purchased this property. Almonds were already growing here, and with local advice we decided to plant olives and pomegranates on this great “terrior”. Tours available by appointment, especially if visitors would like to learn and help […}

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Rumsey House

Phone: 530-507-8811

Products: Bed and Breakfast Inn, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, flowers, eggs, honey

Camilla Barry has taught hands-on science and nature classes for 25 years. She now tends bees, chickens, ducks, and grows nuts and flowers at her Rumsey House B&B, set in a 2-acre walnut grove. On-farm sales, tours, plant walks and […}

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Taber Ranch

Phone: 530-796-4983

Products: Almonds, Olive Oil

Lorenzo Taber and his family settled in the Capay Valley in 1867. In the years since, Tabers have grown wheat, barley, hay, chickens, sheep, cattle, pigs, grapes, plums, apricots, pears and pecans. Almond trees planted in 1890 are still productive; the olive trees planted in 1999 make excellent olive […}

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Winter Creek Ranch

Phone: 530-796-3723

Products: organic English walnuts

Our first commercial harvest of 3,600 pounds of English walnuts was in 1991. We’re a small-time operation – lots of work for the 2 of us, but we don’t aspire to a huge “factory” farming operation. Small group tours of orchard, flower and herb garden by appointment, one […}

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