Where to Buy

The climate of the Capay Valley Region allows for year round agricultural production. There is a diversity of products that are grown in the Capay Valley, and services offered to the Capay Valley fruit-standCommunity.

There are also many ways to purchase CVG products, and partake of local services. Learn More about these options and how you can purchase from our producers by selecting a menu item.

Individual Listings for each farm will include a code at the bottom for other info on where and how their products are available:

TR = tasting room
FS = farm shop or farm stand
FM = available at farmers’ markets
M = mail order
CSA = Community Supported Agriculture program
CVFS = available through Capay Valley Farm Shop (capayvalleyfarmshop.com)
R = available at retail stores
T = tours by appointment
OFS = on-farm sales by appointment
EV = Event facilities