Valley Wisdom

Why We Farm

By Elvira DiBrigit

This book featuring stories from fifteen farmers of the Capay Valley was released July 2017.

Why We Farm weaves together the stories of some of California’s most unique and visionary farmers…” From the foreword by Craig McNamara – President of the CA State Board of Food and Agriculture.

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“Local” a philosophy for CSA farmers

By Thaddeus Barsotti

We do not view other CSAs as competition; they are allies in our vision of a transparent food system and in addition to the many acres of conventional ground that we have turned to local, organic vegetable production, we have done an amazing job of increasing the awareness of CSAs.

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What’s Up With Farm Water?

by Thaddeus Barsotti

California is a beautiful state…  I have the pleasure to run our farm and work with our partner farms throughout the state and the topic of water always comes up…

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News from Riverdog Farm

A very important organic farming tool comes to mind when I pass the young summer crops now in the fields… Any given week, weather permitting, you’ll see a sprayer attached to one of our Kubota 9540 tractors, making rounds…

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Into Uncharted Waters

by Jeff Main

Good Humus Farm

This whole drought thing keeps running through my mind. Since we probably use as much water as all of our CSA members combined, I have to ask myself what is my task? It is a brand new question, the very latest in questions about the long line of renewable natural resources that we thought were endless…

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Let’s Grow Better Dirt

by Judith Redmond

Co-owner, Full Belly Farm

…people who think a lot about climate change talk about “ADAPTATION” — learning to live with it and reduce our vulnerability – and “MITIGATION” – figuring out how to limit the magnitude and rate of climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

In agriculture, we have to do both…

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Changing Perspectives on Agriculture

by Harmon Taber
Capay Valley Grown Partner
Capay Valley Grown is an emblem of the bountiful and diverse agriculture of a special place. As Cache Creek flows out of its canyon, through our valley and on toward the Sacramento River, it passes through a watershed full of wild animals, birds, native trees, shrubs, vines, and wildflowers. It also runs by and helps support a dazzling array of livestock, poultry, fields of vegetables and flowers, grain crops, orchards and vineyards. And a few weeds and pests, too.

by Paul Muller
Ag. Task Force Chair and Capay Valley Grown Partner

There are many important crops grown in the Capay Valley Region. None may be more important than the one witnessed by many in this community in Spring. Our area has a couple of important varieties of this crop. The first is most likely to be spied on the first weekend in May. Blooming beautifully in starched whites and green caps, each individual is a unique and wonderful expression of the place where it was grown and nurtured. The date of their appearance is not changed even in wet or difficult years. What is this crop? Why, it is the new crop of youth in agriculture.
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 The Art of Farming

by Jim Durst

of Durst Organic Growers, for the 2014 Taste of Capay event held at Historic Oakdale Ranch and event center in Esparto, CA

We are gathered here today to rejoice and celebrate farmers and agriculture.

The art of farming immerses us in the natural world, the seen and unseen, the world of senses: smell, feel, hearing, touch, and especially taste. It teaches us about abundance in life and gratitude for all we have.

The art of farming is where we become seduced by the vision, the pictures of possibility present on the pages of a seed catalogue. Where we can fall into bed exhausted yet exhilarated. It teaches us hope for a future we can envision. It also teaches us that the present moment is all that truly exists.
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