Seasonal Tours

On a spring drive, be on the lookout for Hawks, Curlews and Ibis, andeagles listen for the Mockingbirds in the trees and Western Meadowlarks’ sweet song across the fields and meadows. Famers will be tending to almond crops, harvesting hayfields, and planting tomatoes. By March the Redbud will turn the valley a brilliant magenta, followed by a myriad of wildflowers. To get a closer look at the flowers and gardens in the Capay Valley, join in the annual Mother’s Day Garden Tour.


sunflowerA summer drive will be filled with the squawk of Brewer’s black birds and Red-winged black birds. You may see the magical display of Starlings with their synchronized swarm-dance over the fields. Farmers are busy harvesting melons, tomatoes, beans, stone fruit, and sunflowers. Walnuts and almond are maturing on their trees, and many of the cattle overwintered in the Capay Valley have moved north to chew the sweet Oregon grass for the summer. Live music fills the weekend nights at historic saloons in Capay and Guinda and outdoor concerts at the casino in Brooks. Celebrate the tomato harvest at Capay Organic’s Capay Tomato Festival.


On a fall drive, you can see Mountain Bluebirds, winged sapphires gourddotting the barbed-wire fence-lines, while out in the fields and on the creek will be Great Blue Heron and smaller White Egrets looking for amphibian or reptile snacks. With fall settling in, farmers are busy harvesting walnuts and almonds, winter squash, pumpkins, persimmons, and pomegranates, and leafy greens are in the fields. Overhead will be the longing cry of Canada Geese in V-formation. Come for the annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival on the first Saturday in October for old fashioned family fun!


A winter drive will treat you to the sweet song of the Western Almond Trees 2010_Credit_First Street DesignMeadowlark as Golden Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks soar overhead, hunting for Cottontails and Jackrabbits in the fields. Enjoy the white and pink almond blossoms during Black History Day the second Saturday and the Almond Festival the last Sunday of February.Winter rains begin to green the hills.